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# 18 My worst Khitomer Space
03-22-2012, 12:44 PM
I copied this one from another post in another thread. It was my experiance so I can... LOL

One particular Normal Khitomer Space took well over an hour. I was the only one in there with ANY DPS at all. It was me and four Odysseys. As soon as I saw the other ships I knew it was a loss. Two took off and started attacking nodes right away WITHOUT killing the guardian. Me and the other two went after the guardian. It took several minutes to kill. The two Ody's with me had technicolor beams. But we did finally kill it. I typed several times on the chat screen for the others to come help to no avail.

After the guardian was killed I beelined it to the portal to see if there were any probes, I didn't see any but low and behold the other two Ody's had followed me. I guess they were trying to learn or something. I kept typing to tell them to one go watch the other gate and the other go help the other two. No luck.

They tried to help with the probes but their DPS was so low they couldn't kill them. I ended up flying back and forth between gates to kill the probes. After several minutes of this I noticed the first two Ody's had killed one of the nodes. What were they doing all this time? But what did I see now??? More technicolor beams.

So I go back to the other side and check for probes where the other two Ody's had started trying to kill the nodes. One of them was just happily firing away at the Gate. I typed at him to kill the nodes to no avail. He just kept firing away.

At this point I was ready to bail, three probes had made it through.

I kept running back and forth killing probes and taking shots at nodes when I could. I killed two at one point on the side of the first two Ody's while noticing they were still working on their second.

I mean SERIOUSLY! These guys were Admirals, All of them! And they couldn't even put dents in nodes or probes!

So I continued running back and forth killing anything I could. The Spheres are getting thick so I had to start killing them too.

About 30 minutes into this the one shooting the gate is STILL shooting the gate. I got right in front of him where he could see my message box and typed, 'STOP SHOOTING THE GATE NOOBE!'

No luck.

So I keep flying back and forth, I never did notice any of the Ody's die but I had other things on my mind.

45 minutes into this I'm fed up. I kill all the remaining nodes on one side, go check the probes and fly back to the other, kill a generator, fly back to the other and do it all again. By now 7 probes had made it through.

I get to the main gate and get it killed with what little help the two Ody's on that side could offer.

By now I'm pretty peaved and worn out. My trigger finger was really hurting.

But the hard part was done, I could fly back to the other side and start killing.

The Ody shooting at the Gate is STILL shooting at the gate.

So Now I am working on side two.

Here comes a three probes. I watch as an Ody starts chasing the probes. He's shooting and shooting and shooting, one of the probes pops. The other two are getting closer and closer to the gate. HE CAN'T STOP THEM! So I fly over and catch one as the other gets through.

We're at 8 through the the portal now.

Over an hour has passed, the second gate goes down and I start clearing spheres.

One of these clowns types, 'Is that it? That was easy!'


I refrained from typing what I was thinking for fear of melting my keyboard and lightning bolts crashing through the windows of my house.

Out pops Dinotra or however you spell it.

At least 15 cloakings later she dies.

Two of the Noobes took off, guess what they didn't pick up!!! LOL.