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03-22-2012, 02:58 PM

>Ability to turn off certain UI elements.
My FPS is down the crapper due to my apparent "old" computer. I'd love to be able to turn off certain UI elements at certain times, while leaving others on (for example, being able to access the exchange with only the exchange and my inventory showing, nothing else)

>Chat flood limits.
This would get rid of that stupid paysite crap.

>Better chat profanity filter.
No offence, but why is "damn" even blocked? This is laughable to me. You could add a "lite" and "normal" version of the filter, or perhaps, allow each user to filter words of their own choice. Seeing a screen full of the F word is not my idea of fun gaming, nor is seeing that every time I use the word "damn" that I come off sounding like I'm swearing.


>Better way to access the Exchange for people like me with low frame rate.
Easily done by adding nooks and crevices with consoles that can access said exchange. The exchange at ESD, or in any place where the Exchange is beside a Bank/Mail without a separating wall just kills my FPS.

>In-game search options
For example, you could do a search of ESD for "Mission Givers" and only those icons would show, or, do a letter-by-letter search (with a text box I mean) for people with a certain name, and their icons would get highlighted, etc

>More Klingon Episodes
KDF content seems to be lacking from the research I've done and complaint's I've heard. Add more.


>Playable Romulans and Cardassians
As it says on the tin.

>More unique stuff when picking races.
For example, why is everyone running around using Bat'leths. Limit those to Klingons. Limit Lirpa's to only Vulcans. Sure not every race has it's own melee weapon, but some do, and others you can make it up. In addition unique weapons, for example, limiting the "stun" ability to use only for federation characters, or Energy Whips you can give to Ferengi BOFFs and Captains. Make being a particular race unique, beyond "5% more of this, and 10% more of that"

>More foundry options
Mostly, branching missions. I for one would like to make a Kobayashi Maru scenario where you can explore many different tactics, each of which would play out differently.