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03-22-2012, 04:26 PM
I was in an infected ground (normal) match. before we even finished the first room, one of the players dropped out, then a second one got fed up when we failed the optional in the last room before the ramp to the lower levels. Right as we got to the first big room down below, another guy went AFK. We kept going, and he came back just as we got to Ogden. We couldn't get Ogden the first time through, and just as we were about to go at him again, the same guy told us to wait so he could get a phone call. We waited, because you need at least 3 to get past Ogden anyway. Half an hour later, he comes back, we failed Ogden again, and the other guy who'd been waiting with me decided he'd had enough and quit. This whole endeavor cost me an hour of time I could have spent doing something useful and another hour as I got stuck with the leaver penalty. This is exactly why we need either a votekick or a group forfeit option.