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Apologies if any of this has been previously mentioned.

I would like the ability to re-color the rank insignas on the Bajoran Militia Uniforms to match the color of the uniform (this would also be canon as the shoulder pieces for the VA rank are currently gold and should be the same color as the shoulders of the uniform). Also, the Bajoran General's uniform and Bajoran Dress Uniforms would be awesome!

It would also be cool to see uniform sets from species that were not necessarily allies of the Federation but worked with them on occasion (e.g., the Romulans and/or the Cardassians). This would fit into canon as the Cardassians helped the DS9 crew from time to time (mainly when they were fighting against the Klingons) and the Romulans also sided with the Federation against the Dominion towards the end of the war. Giving players the opportunity to use these uniforms and the appropriate pistols/rifles would allow players to play as characters that are from factions that have not yet been made playable.

Just my two cents! Sorry for all the text