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03-22-2012, 06:16 PM
Problem is, they'd need an indefinite license. Allegedly, they looked into them and they're way out of budget, at least for the music by famous composers.

My thing is, a couple hundred dollars spent in a royalty free library would yieldhours of more Trek-like music and in particular more sentimental out of combat music which is a must for the Trek experience.

Currently, they only have one track that doesn't sound like battle music and two out of combat tracks in the whole game... and the battle music all sounds very opera or puzzler.

I would be happier with cheaper Goldsmith/Horner/McCarthy-like scores.

I decided to license music for a Foundry trailer once.

The music here (aside from the Trek opening and the mission completion music) cost $5 total to license and consists of two tracks I mixed together. And the licenses were good for any project size. Cryptic could license these tracks for $5 total.