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03-22-2012, 06:28 PM
Why am I not surprised? There had better not be special advantages or utilities to these "special" EV suits, and so help me if C-Store versions start coming down the pipe..
Welcome to F2p! No, really...

Seriously, hey it's something. They even created a backstory for the reasons for mining..kind of.

My only issue with these petty tasks is why..why..why? Would my Vice Admiral, be mining dilithium?

Well, one solution is i Roleplay that he is actually a photonic officer representing me, which is do-able.

Maybe my suit is modified to be the mobile emitter with more resources, for my photonic me?

Anyways, yeah, I fully DO expect c store EVA variants, armed with better shield/armor builds in them.

Why not? It makes sense as a F2p business opportunity.