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03-22-2012, 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by Suavek View Post
Hahahahahahaha... oh wow...

Yeah, the 400-500 dilithium ore every 20 hours is surely going to make me richer...

I'm sorry Cryptic, but as I said in the Feedback thread, in the current form the daily is simply not worth players' time. Surely it'll be fun to complete it once or twice, but for something supposedly themed around grinding/mining dilithium, the rewards are laughable. Unless something has been changed from the Tribble build, I'd rather spend these 15min doing an elite STF. Not only will I get more dilithium from it, but also some other rewards as well.

Still, don't get me wrong - the mission and the idea alone are great. It's just that for something doable only once per 20h in an MMO with a lot of grinding, this definitely isn't what I'd spend my time on. It seems to be the same problem as with Featured Series 4 - great ideas, great visuals, but really really poor realisation in terms of gameplay/replayability.
Thank you for saying what needed to be said another pointless and shallow attempt at trying to bring forth something that could bring forth an element to the game.