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03-22-2012, 08:12 PM
One thing I always loved about Star Wars games is they had the music from the movies. I guess that's because Lucas owns everything in the IP. I agree this is a huge thing that is missing from STO and has been missing from the very beginning.

I've supported adding canon music to the game whenever possible. One of my favorite missions is Coliseum. It's just awesome to hear the Amok Time music. I sit there and let the animals maul that traitorous Reman worm while I enjoy the musical awesomeness hehe.

I hope they add more canon music in the future. Maybe all the chance box money can be put to some use here. If it's still too costly, then they could compose thematic music that's done as closely as possible to the canon music without getting sued.

If you watch a lot of the Science Channel like I do, some of the shows have musical scores that's very similar to the Star Trek theme or X-Files theme with a couple of the notes different. Maybe they can do something similar to this for STO.