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03-22-2012, 10:51 PM
Cure is a classic on both, space and ground.

Mine was Space Elite with pugs. A couple cruisers moved directly to the Kang, so I headed to the first Cube. With the first drone destroyed I'd noticed noone else was with me: all four, both cruisers, an escort and a sci were with the Kang. I asked to someone come to help me with the cubes, as "there is no need to have four guys stopping the bops", and just got a "ROFL" as reply.

*All right, this will be long*

I continued destroying the drones from the first cube and started to fight with the Neg'var and Raptor, when suddenly the OPTIONAL FAILED screen poped up. The Kang was at 65% and going down fast, with several Bops (all but the ones from my cube, as I killed them as they were spawning) ripping him and my teammates appart. One was dead, and two more had suffered heavy damage.

Optional failed after just 3-4 minutes into the mission! With 4 guys covering the Kang! By the first Bop wave!

Obviously I had to help them to clear the bops... and not just once but three or four times while I was keep clearing drones and cubes, and then raptors and neg'vars waves. They didn't moved from the Kang but to come back there after die.

At least I was using my tactical on escort and not my main (eng) on cruiser, or could have been much more painful