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03-23-2012, 12:16 AM
First, there is no real smooth transition. :p

Use Beam Arrays both fore and aft, and broadside whenever possible. AP works well as usual. If you have the Sci Ody as well, due to Sensor Array it's actually better at DPS than the Tac Ody.

For tanking, get Neutronium and double-check that you have a Field Generator. (If you don't, it's the #1 best Science console in existence. Get one!) You might want Tetraburnium as well, since it defends against Plasma (Borg!), Antiproton (Borg cutting beam, PvP), and Polaron (Dominion, Breen, and PvPers who want to gang up and drop your power to 0 across the board). The "Dragon Flagship" build works fairly well as a starting point. I don't know if EPS Flow regulators still work in counter-acting overloaded weapon systems (i.e. you have 7 or 8 beams firing at once), and I'd recommend an RCS Accelerator if you want to be able to turn around within the system.

However, more important than the consoles are the skills: half of tanking is threat control, the other is survival. Do you have any ranks in that skill? (It's risky doing so in an Escort, though) Do you have Fire at Will (aggro ALL the things!)? Survival skills (Aux to Structure, Hazard Emitters, Reverse Shield Polarity, etc.)? What's your career track?