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03-23-2012, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by Lord-Ice
Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I’ve seen many episodes, but not all of them. My favorite villain of all time is the Borg. It’s a great show. One of my favorite species is, of course, the Klingons. They’re delightful. I’ve enjoyed watching some of the Klingon-centric episodes (Redemption, Soldiers of the Empire, and Shadows and Symbols, et al.), so one thing is a sticking point in STO’s KDF for me.
Where’s my K’Vort?
For those of you that don’t know what a K’Vort is, it’s basically the B’rel’s big brother. Really big brother. Typically, K’Vort-class Battle Cruisers come in sizes close to that of a Vor’Cha. They’re seen in such episodes as TNG: Redemption (IKS Hegh’Ta, and the ships Kurn defended the IKS BortaS from), TNG: Yesterday’s Enterprise (the Klingons that attacked the Enterprises), and Star Trek III and IV (The HMS Bounty). They’re distinguishing feature is the wings (swept UP instead of DOWN, like the B’rel; or in STO, a B’rel out of combat). Of course, that would be a sticking point. We have up-wings in-game already. Problem is, they go from super-awesome-gorgeous to hunched-over-stubby as soon as someone so much as looks at you aggressively.
So, I propose the following:
1: Make the wing animation optional. Put an option in the Ship Tailor to turn it off, and select which style you want when it’s off. That’s something that I think should have been done a long time ago.
2: Introduce the K’Vort as a Lt.G. Heavy Battle Cruiser Retrofit, essentially a sized-up B’rel model with some touched-up art, which is effectively what a K’Vort is. 4 Forward/Aft Weapons, base hull 37,000, 1500 crew, standard Cloak, turn rate of 10. 4 device slots, 3 Tactical Console slots, 4 Engineering Console slots, 3 Science Console slots (+1 over the Negh’Var). Commander/Lt.Cmdr. Engineering BOff slots, Lt. Tactical BOff slot, Lt./Ensign Universal BOff slots (Negh’Var setup, but exchange Ens Eng and Lt. Sci for Universal), +10 Weapon/Engine power setting. Comes equipped with a new console:

Console – Universal – Energy Compression Chamber
+5% extra chance to proc energytype debuff
+20% All Energy damage
+7% Weapon Power drain when firing weapons.
+5% Crit Chance
+25% Crit Severity
This console allows your weapons’ prefire sequence to compress the energy bolt, making them do more damage on impact by packing more energy into the hit, at the cost of a slightly higher energy requirement.

Ship Database entry: The K’Vort-class Cruiser was a mainstay in the Klingon fleet for over a century. When Klingon starship designers looked at it, though, it was clear that it did not meet the needs of the new battlefield, but they did not want to do away with an iconic design of Klingon Imperial might. So, they went to the drawing board and updated the ship’s weapons and spaceframe. The ancient symbol of the Empire had regained its teeth, and would serve as a symbol of the Empire’s eternal strength.
This new, stronger K’Vort is the model Klingon ship. Sturdy, cheap to construct, easy to maintain, and the home of an arsenal. What’s more, it’s deceptive. This ship, seen as out-dated by the Empire’s foes, will be full of surprises when it reaches the battlefield.

So, who’s boarding the K’Vort?
I've been looking forward to flying a K'vort for years now and I was rather frustrated that it was mentioned in "The Path to 2409" but not in the game at all.

However I feel the need to add a few comments if you don't mind:

the size was always around 300 meters, even the appearently gigantic ones in "The Defector" were no bigger than that as opposed to the Vor'cha's roughly 480 meters.
The Bounty was not such a big ship, she was a small model, otherwise she would not have fit onto the screen when landed.

There has been dicussion about the wing-position thingy and it appears they can't make it optional and even worse the models there are rigged up like this can't be converted back.
So they'd have to make a new model (or use a backup of an older model) and then decide where to set the wings and then keep them there.
The only other option I see would be to put two (or more) alternate wing positions into the the game's tailor so that just like you can decide which type of module to stick on an RSV or Nebula you can chose to use wings that are for example "up" "down" or "horizontal".
Appearance-wise I'd propose slight changes to the model compared to the smaller BoPs anyway to make it clear this is not the same ship:
add a few rows of windows to the ship like the K't'inga has and also put in a few visible escape pods (we know the K'vort has those from DS9:"Penumbra") similar to those visible on the alternate Negh'var skin.

I like your special ability idea very much and I'd like to add an idea for an alternate one, not because mine is "better" or anyhing like that but I think it would fit the K'vort as well:

these scenes are from "Redemption" pt.1 and as you can see the torpedo fired at Gowron's ship doesn't even resemble a Photon Torpedo.
So my proposal is not a console but a weapon (like the Bio-Neural Torpedo) that does not do kinetic damage but energy-based damage (after that BortaS' port shields were down) so the K'vort has something that is somewhat unique to her that is based on the shows.

*EDIT: I took a close look at yur stats and I'm a bit puzzled:
-the ship has the same turnrate as the Vor'cha and more hull
-it has 10 console slots instead of the regular 9
is this supposed to be a "plus one" ship?*