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03-23-2012, 02:12 AM

Everything in the game keeps rolling along when I'm logged off. Why not my transwarp cooldown period? Is that supposed to happen?


Right now, the department head listing has a First Officer, Engineering, Operations, Science, Medical, Tactical and Security. Every ship, theoretically, has all of these departments, so why does one of the BOffs have to pull double-duty because there aren't enough BOff slots? If the player has an empty slot, the system should promote their senior DOff in that field to that position. Of course Cryptic could add a BOff slot... lol, riiiiight.


Add more rooms and fuctionality to the existing rooms in the ship layout. Some of us like the idea of having a 'real world' background for our avatars to live in, that conform to the Star Trek we've become accustomed to:

*Armory: You should have an armorer who would function as an away team equipment vendor. The armory itself should be located adjecent to the transporter room and Hanger. This isn't always practical for a ship of 50, but if the player is flying a cruiser, for example, it makes great sense. Keep the vendors on the planets/starbases as well (for those who want to restock before a fleet action or STF, but are not on their ship at the time.) Also, the player could have them start weapons' modification assignments from here.

*Brig/Security Office: There should be a brig with individual cells. If the player have a prisoner on their ship, they should show up. If not, it'll be empty. Either way, we've seen brigs on most ships in Star Trek over the years, so why leave it out? You could also make this a central location where the player could find a security officer to begin shipboard 'military' assignments.

*Sickbay: The current layout is great, but there should be a Chief Medical Officer stationed there. Also, if the player has a DOff listed as being in Sickbay, they should be shown laying in one of the biobeds. If not, they'll be empty. You could also make this a central location where the player could find a doctor/nurse/medic to begin shipboard 'medical' assignments.

Hangar Deck: Big room. Stock with 2 standard shuttles and specialty shuttles/runabouts the player may have purchased. Long, long-term: mabye an accessway to the Aquarias (for Odyssey TAC), but that's a serious back-burner.

Astrometrics Lab: Dark room, with lots of consoles and in the center, a big holo-display of the galaxy. Not necessarily a functional room, but it looks good and gives the player's crew the appearance of doing something besides wandering the halls. You could make this a central location where the player could find a scientist to begin shipboard 'exploration' or 'science' assignments.

Shield/Deflector Control: Not showcased in most of the series, but the same argument as above. Having a crew just walk back and forth in the hallways is pretty uninspired.

Engineering: It may be a little much, but I can't imagine that the Main Engineering space on a cruiser, would be the same size and configuration (especially size) as a Defiant sized escort. A different map would be a nice change for this room. Some Jeffries tube accesses and maybe an office for the Chief Engineer. Here's an idea the bean-counters at Cryptic would like... customize, like the bridge layout? You could also make this a central location where the player could find an engineer/technician to begin shipboard 'engineering' assignments.

Holodeck: Not sure how it would be used at the moment, but most of the modern ships have them, so why not include it to add some flare? Wait!!! A target practice mini-game!?! The player could use it to polish their marksmanship skills for ground missions. How about a precision flight mini-game? Remember "Night of the Comet"? I wish I'd had some flight experience before the four times I went through that.

Crew Lounge: Looks Great! Why is no one ever eating, socializing, or sitting for that matter. Maybe add a few more trophy and/or customization options. There's an option to invite people to see the player's ship... and they all look alike! Also, you could make this a central location where the player could find a bartender/chef/entertainer for their assignments. How about this? The player walks into the crew lounge, and an Ensign asks them if they would let her participate in the Anbo-Jyuistu tournament? Interactive prompting for a 'Development' assignment? Okay... at least have an 'interact' icon over their head.

Personal Quarters: Way too large! They seem larger than the conference room where the player meets dignitaries during first contact missions, and there are 10 NPCs in there. Also, the player should have an option to change between purchased outfits in this location.

Conference Room: This should be a room on the ship, since the player uses it during missions.

Cargo Bay: Big room. Stock with crates, skiffs, and loaders. You could station the quartermasters and traders here, and start trade missions from this location.

Just a few thoughts. Probably been addressed before, but still some good ideas.