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03-23-2012, 06:03 AM
Originally Posted by ProfHat
well yippie, i'm glad for everyone out there . pity that my galor clas cardasian cruiser Has No Lower Decks.

thats right kiddies , only a bridge.
However, you get a console to see these assignments, whereas I have to transfer maps to my bridge and run around the ship finding these idiots to get the assignments. And what if I get to him/her and the assignments offered I can't do, don't want, or don't need? Cryptic essentially anti-streamlined the DOff assignment process. Do I now have to jog around the whole ship to turn these missions in? Why am I seeking out my crew? They should be coming to me. I might as well fly a type 8 shuttle all day... Does Cryptic/PW make more money based on how many minutes we play? Are Dev's and producers paid by how long we're logged in?