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03-23-2012, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by StormyMaverick View Post
From your post, you are admitting the very reason to belong to a fleet- to do the things it takes organized groups to do.
No, not really. The problem with the Crystalline Entity is that the solution is exceptionally simple, but it's in turn exceptionally easy to grief, and one person can then ruin it for 19 others. Combined with this, the chat mechanism is both ungainly (the Zone chat for instance is across all instances, so that one person feeding incorrect or trolling information is heard by everyone in every Crystalline), bugged, and perhaps not unsurprisingly also widely ignored in this game. So trying to organise people even in a 5 man STF is often impossible; I've lost count of the times I've even PM'd someone to say "Please don't fly to both sides of the gate as it just spawns double Nanites and we'll lose the optional" and they just ignored it and continued to sit in the same spot, and we did indeed lose the optional.

The content in STO doesn't then take organization, but basic gaming and social skills; anyone who can install Star Trek Online should be able to work out the PvE elements and do it automatically. The actual challenge level for PvE here is very, very low. And the amount of gameplay content is equally small, and I've already seen all of it. And I don't have any intention of giving any larger part of my time towards grinding that content again and again; it was the changing of the creative, roleplaying people I knew who joined me in World Of ******** into irritable, automaton-like Raiders that got me to quit that game in turn, just after Burning Crusade; and I've never been able to tolerate it since. If the choice is between enmeshing myself into that kind of mindset again, and just not playing STO, I'll take the latter every time.

Now you could say join a fleet for the roleplaying elements etc; but in all honesty I'm not interested in that. I play to have a little fun with real life friends every now and then, to float around in a few spaceships that I have some sympathy towards the visual shape of (because I had the toys, but not the movies as a child), but beyond that I don't engage any deeper with the Star Trek lore. In turn, I'm not going to waste a fleet's time then by pretending I want to get involved with their structure or social circles. All I'm really looking for is to be a ship that passes in the night with a good bunch of people for just that single, successful night; that let's say if you've only got 19 out of 20 of your regulars on, and you planned a Crystalline Entity, I'd like to fill that last spot and see it die once. I can live without the 1st Place trophy I'd have to grind either gameplay wise or socially to get too. It's not important, and my commitment to the game isn't that deep. I just personally would like to know I'd seen it beaten.

So thank you for the kind offer of a Fleet, but it's really not what I'm looking for I'm afraid...