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# 2952 What I Would Like To See
03-23-2012, 10:05 AM
This is more of a 'mid' kinda thing I'd like to see. Kudos btw for the dilithium mini game - can't WAIT to try it.

I've notice in the ship interior lounge that there is a poker table in the far corner. Will we ever get a Poker/3D Chess/Fizbin type mini game to go WITH that table. I think that would really take off and get peeps more involved in 'beaming' over to check out other players interiors and trophies. Could really add to the community of the game in ways never dreamed.

Long term want = I WANT ROMULAN SHIPS!!! Waaaaaaay more than the silly silverfish style Cardie ones. Hell, I'd even go for a Ferengi Marauder with ALL Universal Consoles (as they kinda buy all there tech, this seems to make sense to me).

Keep up the good work guys.