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03-23-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by mohgbal
Good old K'Vort...

Sure I like STO to get more ships we all seen in the Star Trek universe, but STO gamplay is different.

We are klingons and there are only two needs of cruisers in a klingon fleet
  • fight a huge armada
  • invade, pummel or destroy starbases and colonies (big ships -lots of warriors to beam down, right ?! )

As we already have the 3 competent cruisers to pick I think the Cryptic guys should put their focus on the prime role of klingon vessels, hunt, track down and destroy your foes fighting their ridiculous huge and lame ships constructed for science. We need fast and agile warships loaded with weapons, some hull and shields
and just a little crew to keep all running and serving fresh gagh.

As BoPs are the most common warships and have countless variants they are very underrated in STO.
So before we get yet another cruiser I'd like to some more Raiders and Raptors.
I want to see a refitted version of my beloved Qin Raptor too.