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03-23-2012, 10:48 AM
deleted what i wrote since i read the black texture topic, the only other thing is fix the physics or whatever you're using to emulate them for the floaty panels on orion and fashion sets...they're freaking horrible, visit the bridge and there's an orion female sitting down it makes her look like she has the galaxy's worst case of flatulence

Customize crew uniforms, especially since you decided captains should spend more time there, not just boff's, the whole crew. not per individual mind, just 3 presets by class. sci, eng, tac.

Make crafting useful allow modifications to existing gear.
Requires crafting rank equal to the gear you want to modify, adds a set modifier to the gear or increases a modifier the gear already has. Chance of failure which will destroy the gear and consume all materials used.
Ex: hybrid weapon types, base weapon determines console needed, extra proc type added to base type.
consoles could have a small increase to their base stats, or an additional ability like power bonus.

Allow ship refits (Expensive!!!) require $$$ and materials, also takes time, 20+ hours or more would be fair since you are refiting a ship.
options for refit, console slot, console universal, warp core upgrade, subsystem power upgrade (individual subsystem per refit), armor upgrade, structural reinforcement, etc.

romulan and dominion factions added, not as freaking feds or klingon factions but as their own factions, as they should be.

universe expanded, all these other races need quadrants. they have their own empires.

DirectX 11 tessellation added, one main thiing that would help you with is the 'more detailed models' laments. you wouldn't have to create more detailed models, just a texture the engine can tessellate. and on the subject of have a community here, i've read the post where 'we ain't gonna make a high rez texture pack' why not seek volunteers? seriously...why didn't you ever ask the community? all you'd have to do is supply the UV maps, which is a simple batch job you could run on an old clunker machine until it finishes. and now, don't try to tell me it's more complicated than that, it isn't unless you're all first year programmers who still have to peek at books. you aren't.

QA a lot more on what you release. listen the the tribblers, that's supposed to be what they're there for eh?