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03-23-2012, 01:35 PM
I tend to think of it like this:

STO is a car. All the players are it's occupants. The STO car holds 5 people, but we jam packed it with at least 7. 2 of them don't need seat belts anyway. DStahl drives the car down the road. All the while the 5 kids in the back seat all whine about how they need to go to the bathroom, and want chocolate bars. Mom, in the front seat (aka the Devs') is holding up a map and following a route to the intended destination. Suddenly one of the kids in the back starts crying because his ice cream cone fell on the floor. Mostly because Mom reclined her seat a bit and knocked it out of his hands. Suddenly all the kids start crying until DStahl pulls over and threatens to take them all home.

The End.