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# 1 Blocky Flickering Shadows
03-23-2012, 02:46 PM
Hi all,

I'm experiencing really bad shadows, I know a few threads also talk about this, however I would like to share with you a video showing exactly whats going on:

When viewing please select "Original" for best quality...

My pc:

Win 7 64bit
SLI nvidia 480GTX (296.10)

Just an update really after a little research, it seems that the same issue was found in Skyrim.. a work around for this was to set the following parameters in the .ini file:


Star Trek however doesn't have these options in their prefs, but must be adjusted elsewhere, I do not know.
But the Shadowmap Resolution / Distance is definitely the problem.

Please can any other nvidia users either confirm they do or do not have this same issue

Many Thanks