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03-23-2012, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Turtlewing View Post
I think you're designing against two very different goals.

You've described a battleship, but you're calling it a support vessel and adding abilities obstinately to offset weakness it shouldn't have if it was a proper support ship.

A cruiser like ship with broadside weapon mounts would be cool. It doesn't need more weapons, but changing the centering can make for interesting variation (I'm thinking 3 per broadside and 1 each forward/aft). No need to restrict beam arrays, the point of a ship like this is to get canon and torpedoes on a broadside arc. With arrays you get at most 7 firing at a time which is less than a normal cruiser. So really you want narrow arc canons on the broadsides and arrays for/rear (for 5 weapons 3 of which are canons/torpedoes on target at once). The main advantage of this ship is it makes weapons other than beams viable for the slowly-circling-cruiser playstyle. This will probably manifest as higher burst damage and lower DPS on a ship with the same survive-ability as a cruiser.

A proper support combat support ship would be interesting. Really it would just be a science ship more tac stations, at the cost of it's science stations (an LTC and an Ensign would do). That way you can out scatter-volley, or higher levels of fire at will or full spread. You could also heal reasonably well and play AWACS with scramble sensors, viral matrix, etc. You'll be maneuverable enough to get in the way of enemy ships, but not maneuverable enough to chase down a fleeing escort/bop. Your crowd control is weaker than a normal science ship, but you can do picket duty better, and you have more punch when firing on the team's focus target.
Part of what makes Beam Array overlap acceptable, for our current broadside style is that torpedoes do not overlap with the broadside firing arc. If Beam Arrays were placed on the sides and torpedoes fore and aft, this would place the torpedo directly in the center of the overlap for the Beam Arrays. Effectively that load out would be better than any existing Cruiser. You would have the same overlap, but an extra weapon right down the center of it.

I think that restricting the weapons sort of forces a different play style, similar to how equipping all cannons forces a different style. The objective here is to end up with a unique ship type that is not just another cruiser or escort.