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03-23-2012, 04:16 PM
I've said it before: If the Federation cannot survive without S31 doing its dirty deeds behind the scenes, then it needs to acknowledge that its ideals have failed and should turn as dog-eat-dog and every-being-for-itself and screw-you-I-got-mine as every other starfaring nation in the galaxy seems to be.

If S31 is actually accomplishing its goals of keeping the Federation afloat by violating its ideals, then it is wasting energy in trying to keep up that facade and would better expend its energy trying to get the Federation to acknowledge that those ideals have failed. Better to convince the core members to throw out the charter, militarize the Starfleet, fortify the borders, take over and occupy what resources it needs, and crush any and all internal opposition to Federation policies as quickly and ruthlessly as possible to prevent insurrection. It shouldn't be too hard; the core membership is safely in the central hundred or so sectors, and there is a considerable buffer territory between the Federation core worlds and other galactic powers. That would mean a number of colonies and client members would probably be steamrolled in case of an invasion or retaliation, but that's the price they pay for being on the fringes and for the chance to be a more major member.

Of course at some point the core members would have to re-evaluate their stances towards one another. Naturally, the core members have the most well-developed and more resource-rich worlds, in addition to stockpiles of resources. A majority of Starfleet appears to be Human so that will certainly help. Presumably the Vulcans and the Humans will remain fairly closely allied since they're apparently traditional allies (but that's no sure thing after what we've seen in Enterprise.) However, I get the impression that the Andorians will probably start to remember old enmities with the Vulcans, and the Tellarites will have to take sides in that -- at first, probably with the Andorians to maintain a balance of power against the Human-Vulcan bloc. If the Tellarites are smart, they'll later ally themselves suddenly and quickly with the Human-Vulcan bloc and help crush the inevitable Andorian insurrection. This would probably earn them a solid place at the ruling table unless their backstabbing of the Andorians is seen by the Humans and Vulcans as evidence of untrustworthiness. They'll have to be watched carefully, there's no telling if they'll try to pull that again.

Of course during this time there will be insurrections throughout Federation space, mostly from minor members who have lost some prestige with the casting off of the old, failed ideals -- they're now no longer equal members, after all. Fortunately, a few General Order Twenty-Fours should put them back in place. Since, after all, by then the Klingons, Romulans, and Breen are going to start feeling frisky, and with the diminished presence in the frontiers of Federation space are going to find the resources to be found there quite attractive. The Klingons will probably be a little surprised at the change in their old on-again off-again allies, and the Khitomer Accords -- reworded into a mutual non-aggression pact -- will probably stand for a time. That'll last about as long as it takes a new Chancellor to come to power and decide the Federation no longer cares about its fringes and frontiers.

The Cardassians, seeing this happening, are now in a bad position: Their big brother and protector has now gone all Central Command on them. Very likely Starfleet will be giving very stern warnings to the Cardassians to not take this opportunity to rearm themselves. Wether the Cardassians listen to these warnings or not probably depends on how big a presence Starfleet maintains at DS9, the wormhole, and Bajor. I'd imagine a fleet would be stationed at DS9 and Bajor would be occupied; the wormhole is too strategic, and even though they new leaders of the Federation are enlightened and have no truck with its outdated ideals, they do know that the quadrant is in no state to oppose the Dominion if the Founders decided to abrogate the Treaty of Cardassia. They'll have to be delt with at some point anyway, so best to let the Founders think that the Treaty will still be adhered to by the Federation... at least for now.

As for the Romulans, the first action of the Starfleet -- once the internal insurrections and rebellions have died down or been killed -- would probably be to crush them once and for all. They're in no condition to resist but have every reason to rebuild and become a threat. That cannot be allowed to happen. Of course the Federation doesn't have the forces to completely occupy the Romulans. Maybe the Klingons would be willing to join in. And if the Klingons are sufficiently weakened by the fighting, maybe they should be the next target. Have to keep those borders secure, after all.

Wow, that looks suspiciously like the Mirror Universe. You know, the guys who are considered objectively evil.

QX, this was kind of extrapolation as to what would happen. Actually getting the Fed to cast aside every precept and declaration in the charter would be next to impossible as it is. The thing is, I keep hearing that the Feds should 'give up their ideals in time of war' and I'm not quite sure that the full import of what that would entail has been considered.

ETA: Ugh... sorry for the wall o'text. I'll try to stop doing that.