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03-23-2012, 04:17 PM
Well thank you Cryptic, it only took over two years to address the cursor issue. It still is IMO not much of a fix, the ability to make the cursor a COLOR alone (or colored plus larger) might have addressed the matter. Despite the larger size, it still "disappears" and is hard to locate when there is too much happening on screen IMO. Wish I could change the damn color of it.

Now had someone, anyone on staff seen fit to address the issue, acknowledge the issue or come on here on the forums and tell us a fix was on the way, well that would have been downright informative and helpful even.

I can only assume the reason none of that occurred goes to a comment I saw Bran Flakes make a while back. They (Cryptic & Bran) just were not going to be "browbeat" into fixing the issue for two plus years. Imagine the impertinence of game playing customers like me that tried every means available, including I guess "browbeating" to get the team to address the issue!

So thanks for doing something about it, finally.