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03-23-2012, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
I'd still love to see Doff mission results lead to in game full mission offerings on failures (where approprite) - IE if you sent them to assess Refugee conditions and they fail and get captured, and the player gets offered a real in game mission where he/she needs top go to the planet and save them.

Again, not asking it for every type of Doff assignment, or on every failure, but a few canned archtype missions (IE save crewmembers; recover items, etc.) that would be offered because of a Doff assignment result. The player would be freely able to decline and just accept the 'fail' result if he/she wasn't interested in doing such a mission.
You know, I was thinking of something similar all day at work, and before I get home somebody beats me to it. *sigh*

What I was thinking of as one possibility was based on a trade deal ambush. Suppose there was a random chance on ambush that an item gets left behind. Having the item would open a research assignment that would start a "Track the Ambushers" chain. This would send you to various locations to talk to NPCs, do missions for them and collect items that your Doffs will research for clues to the ambushers whereabouts. Once you find the hideouts location, you head there to shut them down. Once you've defeated them, you'll get a final "Search for, collect and catalog contraband and stolen goods" assignment which determines how much you get to turn in to our brand new Contraband NPC.

I don't think it should just be limited to failure though, would be nice if some Critical successes could start off some Mission/Assignment integrated chains too. I was also thinking there could be some Doff NPCs that have such hybrid missions.

Of course there's always the caveat about feasibility, time and resources, but it would be nice if ship Captains and their Doffs could actually do a few things together as a crew.