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# 11 doff mission idea?
03-23-2012, 06:28 PM
I believe that the 1,000 extra dilithium refining capability every 2 days is not really a useful reward at all.

I remember mention of "advanced refinement stations" early on in the forums when talking about dilithium implementation. Maybe this is an opportunity for that? so that a success is 1250 and a crit success is 2000 and normal is 1000? that way the mission would be worth something

Im not usually a forum poster and I honestly dont want to sound whinny. I really LOVE the doff system and think dilithium has been a smart addition. However I have only once or twice ever reached the 8,000 dilithium a day cap and that was a spring break weekend with nothing to do all day. and it was no big deal because it just waited for me to refine the next day so thats why i believe it to not be useful as described earlier