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03-23-2012, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by stoickes View Post
I believe that the 1,000 extra dilithium refining capability every 2 days is not really a useful reward at all.

I remember mention of "advanced refinement stations" early on in the forums when talking about dilithium implementation. Maybe this is an opportunity for that? so that a success is 1250 and a crit success is 2000 and normal is 1000? that way the mission would be worth something

Im not usually a forum poster and I honestly dont want to sound whinny. I really LOVE the doff system and think dilithium has been a smart addition. However I have only once or twice ever reached the 8,000 dilithium a day cap and that was a spring break weekend with nothing to do all day. and it was no big deal because it just waited for me to refine the next day so thats why i believe it to not be useful as described earlier
You are absolutely right... On average its been about 25k dilithium for 100 c points. Which is around a dollar... so take that 1k dilithium... So when you do the math what they are saying in relativity of dilithium vs c-points for your hard earned money that you either pay monthly or bought an LTS they are going to give you 5 cents extra worth of dilithium per day! These guys are so generous who would have ever thought they would give back some of those nickels from the nickel and diming but we know its a business so you had to keep the dimes ROFL.