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03-23-2012, 08:19 PM
If you guys don't like the 800 day rewards, don't subscribe for 800 days. Cryptic can reward loyalty(and money) with crap all they want and there will always be people who will pay for it. You still have the same gaming experience that you had before PW gave Cryptic the "make money any way you can, especially by gouging the players" doctrine.

Nevermind that subscribing for 800 days since the start of F2P nets you over 10,000 C-points (enough to buy both of the Odyssey and Bortasqu packs with change left over). If you cry that you're already paying for them via subscription then don't. Go silver, buy the c-points instead. It's cheaper that way.

So far, we've lost:

A free Delta Flyer.
An immediate token for a retrofit ship at VA. (Zomg we have to spend a few days grinding dilithium for it and still not pay any real cash? OHNOES)

Have I missed anything?

Oh by the way, some F2P MMOs actually monetize by selling playable content while leaving only the barest bones for non paying players. Imagine featured episodes costing money. Or the doff system only being accessible for C-Points. I'll take lock box lotteries any day of the week.