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03-23-2012, 09:44 PM
Thanks for the Dev Blog Brandon. Here are my thoughts/comments:
Vigilant Title
I like and "collect" titles, so having another is always nifty. I thought it rather hilarious the idea that you found it necessary to give us a step-by-step instruction-set on how to change our title. If a player has been around 800 days and hasn't figure out how to change their own title by now (or at least how to find out/who to ask), then maybe they just don't deserve it. lol

I mean it's not like titles are a new feature. :p
FREE Mugato Companion
I want to like this, I really do, but I'm running out of space. Please consider using a system like Champions Online where their Action Figure "pets" do not take up character inventory, but are activated directly through a menu-driven UI. It basically turns the pet into an emote, instead of a cell-filling item. (Also take from CO, having multi-tab personal banks, and shared account banks would be great, too!)

From the blog pic it sure looks cute, though.
Unique Duty Officer Assignment
Being a big-time DOffer, I was really looking forward to this, but you're only letting me process an extra 1,000 Dilithium? That's underwhelming. How long is the Cooldown on the mission, or am I going to be able to restart it every two days? Speaking of the two days, is it going lock up one of my Assignment Slots for two days? I'm with CptBANG, could we please have a single 10-min lengthed mission (or even 1 or 2 hours) with a 2-3 day long cooldown?

Failing that, can this please be like a Sick Bay and not count towards our assignment limit? That would be keen.
Anyway, I really am not trying to "complain" about "gifts of appreciation", just providing some feedback, so maybe when I hit 800 days (in about 45 days), I can better enjoy them.

P.S. What I'd love to have most for my 800 day?
I'd like the Female Tactical Android BOff you guys gifted me
for my 700 Day Vet Reward.