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03-23-2012, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by stevieboysw View Post
There may be a few sector specific missions. But people still keep saying "have to" like they are being forced to do this. You dont "have to" go to your ship in every sector, you dont "have to" go to every sector. This is an optional thing, a side part of the game.

I want them to add special missions to Risa, Vulcan, Andoria, ect. The way you guys talk, you are going to complain that you "have to" go to all these different systems, and you "have to" land on the planet.
We already stopped at all the planets (space and ground).

Oh, and its 64 different sector areas btw.

Look, either DOffing is a game, or its click for credit.
-In order for it to be a game, players need to be able to make informed choices about assignments. Ie, the game is optimizing assignments done within limited assignment space.
-In order to make informed choices, its necessary to have a good idea what the 'state of the board' is. That means being able to know ALL the desirable assignments available at one time. The game was already pushed about as far as it could go on that if you were playing solo (64 different sectors to check + old shipboard). DOFFJOBS helped make it bearable.
-New Update added 64 x Ship Contacts places to check. FOR EACH PLAYER. (And you can access another player's list by getting a bridge invite).

CONCLUSION: DOffing is no longer a game. Its click for credit. Its impossible to have any idea what the state of the board is, because the size of the board increases with the number of people you're talking to. Even if we assume you are a hopeless hermit who never talks to anyone, there's still over TWICE as many places to check and that take additional non-trivial time to do so.

In the old version you could really figure out what was out there, then choose a particular goal (Dilithium, cxp in general, focused cxp on on area, chain completion, bonus DOffs) and optimize your assignment selection to fulfill that goal. In the new and really not improved version you might as well take the first 20 plausibly decent assignments you see, because anything else takes FOREVER.

Thats not a game. That's click for credit. I enjoyed DOffing for the game. I'm really not enjoying it now.

Time to DOff per 4h previously: ~1h
Time to DOff per 4h now: >4h, averaging time spent shipboard over its 20h refresh time (even assuming the sector-related shipboards do only cycle every 20h).