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03-23-2012, 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by cliftona91
Okay, Negh'var it is. How should I set it up though? I plan to keep on using Disrupters as the energy type (I'm not the noob who will use the Rainbow Bortas).

I figure EPTS is a must along with ASI, but what else should I go for?
I became very fond of incinerating enemy ships with Eject Warp Plasma. It really hurts and is good to stop enemy ships from getting where they shouldnīt be getting (STFs).

Weapons: 3 beams and one torp front and back

Sci: sci team, hazard emitters

tactical: tac team, faw 2 or hyt 2

engineering: engineering team, epts (twice maybe), maybe eptw, aux to sif (canīt really do it wrong here, enough options)