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03-23-2012, 09:56 PM
Agreeing with the negative sounds ok on paper but works out to nothing but pain. It took me several hours to try and check doff assignments, and the fact that assignments are different inside for personal didn't help.

Zone in
Check zone quests
Check personal
Beam to ship
Check personal again
Check diplo
Check tactical
Go to crew deck (if I'm feeling up to it) and try to get beer. usually fails
Go to engineering deck
Check engineer
Check ops
Check scientist
Beam out

All this zoning makes me nauseous, in complete truth. I had to log out several times - all the zoning and the spinning of the camera that happens was making me ill. And there were several voices (but so so few) saying you could do the same missions outside that you could inside, but that would be wrong. Both of the Support missions I did were ONLY avaiable from my OPS person and I could not see them in space.

I'm glad I was waiting until today's paycheck to subscribe. I'm not going to bother until this is revamped. The mostly negative feedback from Tribble should have made this project be held rather than launched, and seeing that there were even a few last minute changes would point out how bad it was. A better idea would be to simply unwind the patch. Hours and hours to do this isn't worth the 20h reset. I'm not doing this in 20h. Instead I'm going to play another game and come back in a week or so and see if the game is worth investing in or not.