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03-23-2012, 10:11 PM
Short Term

-Fix the Pathing on Away Team members so I can do "Cage a Fire" with My team and not Pray I get lucky that even 1 of them is with me when I get to the boss.

Mid Term

Log term

-Customizable Ship interiors with at least 3 options on Engine Room for Small, Medium, and Large ships.
-Fully customizable Ready Room, as my Captain's main place to hang out when not on the Bridge it should have a selection of Decor, including Desks, Chairs, Carpeting, Fish tanks etc.

-More Featured Episodes hopefully with multiple Paths through it. Think a bit like how the Wing Commander Series had different paths through the games mission set if you failed or succeeded in a previous mission. So if you fail a mission you go through a path that can allow you to get back on the winning track , or keep failing and try to get to the last mission where you have to contain the threat rather than vanquishing it.

The ability to get Bridge Officer's trained by other Players without having to trade them. This would allow C-Store Boffs to be trained by other players.

The ability to promote your Bridge Officer's to Captain and place them in Command of one of the other ships you own and then assign them missions like you do Duty Officers. Would give people motivation to keep all their ships updated instead of just one or two. Maybe be able to bring them along with you on Missions as an NPC Ship.

Along these lines , I'd like to be able to have my Engineering team be able to Retrofit my older ships to be usable at my current rank. Should be able to be done by applying the same tech as Shuttles use to always be relevantly leveled. Just need to be able to add a few console slots , and upgrade the Bridge Stations and you'd have another usable ship to mess around with.

-Cryptic , if you can get the rights to it, would be awesome to have Simon and Schuster's Star Trek interactive Encyclopedia accessible in Game from an LCARS terminal in your Capt's ready room. (Not realistic, I know but one can dream)