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03-24-2012, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Nobody is saying this isn't a good thing, its just that people don't want to do a TON of running around.

The old system, you can DOFF on the run and check all missions within 20 minutes and if you had other characters, you can send them there and be done within 1 hour. But with this new system you have to enter sector space, see what's there, go inside to see what special sector missions there are, zone out, rince and repeat for every zone in STO that offers DOFF missions. In short that 20 minute run now literally becomes 2 hrs!

That is a massive wasted of time that didn't need to happen. And time is precious when it comes to casual players who only have a limited ammount of time to play.

Even worse, with interior missions requiring goods and no access to the bank or exchange, you have to write what you need down, and do a bunch of zoning to complete that mission before the timer is up. And that is not very fun. It turns DOFFing into a job.
You mentioning casual players is a good point, I'd wager that alot of casuals only player because of the doff system. I know I do.
But hardcores are going to suffer too, the players that run dailies, stfs. They aren't going to like having to run round the ship every sector, and you do HAVE to, cos they wanna be getting on with other stuff.