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03-24-2012, 09:41 AM
Note to isaac13311: You can go to your characters equipment menu, right click on your armor, and "Disable visuals. you will now have all the bonus of wearing armor without the horrible look.

Short Term:
#1: Better control of away teams, Get them to hold there position were i told them to even when i tell them to focus on a target! instead of running wild
#2: Usable furniture in ship interiors, chairs beds, benches, working replicators.
#3: More RP useful emotes.

Mid Term:
#1: The ability to customize a standardized crew uniform.
#2: Redone ship interiors have shorter ceilings and narrower halls for a more realistic and accurate reflection on the TV series.
#3: Add multiplayer minigames to ten forward in ship interiors, examples, Poker, Chess, Checkers, 3D Chess, Billiards, AKA Pool.

Long Term:
#1: Better ship weapon effects, thin out the beams, there a bit to wide, shuttle beam weapons should be MUCH thinner, more complex effects for arrays firing example being from Next Gen, where the array charges from both ends of the array and fires.
#2: Multiple weapon effect points across the ship, that will work reactively to your, and your enemy ship postions to reduce weapons fire clipping while giving a better visual appeal.
#3: Ability to better customize ship interiors, examples, Colors, Furniture & Position, Variants for some rooms like main engineering and other key locations other then the bridge.
#4: Slide bar for energy weapons that allow you to change there rate of fire/beam duration, slower ROF for cannons result in stronger accurate hits at lower ROF, beam duration effects accuracy and strength, longer lasting less accurate on faster targets but more damage, shorter duration more chances to hit but with less damage.
#5: Shield frequencys, allow us to impute a number (max 3 digits) and allow us to change weapons frequencys, add a margin of error, closer we are to there frequency the more damage we cut past there shields.