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03-12-2009, 06:36 PM
Another interesting edition of Ask Cryptic. Thanks!

They're always too short though! We offer pages of questions and only see barely a handful answered each time, so some really interesting or "hot topic" questions get skipped over. Oh well, we still appreciate each answer and the time taken to answer them.

I was a little confused or unclear on the answer about the non-organic life forms...

Definitely in the game there will be non-organic life-forms; androids, rock people, Tholians, and so on. In character creation that goes right back to the previous question. You can create a character who looks like an android, or call yourself a hologram, and give that character abilities and traits in keeping with that choice. For example, if you’re an android, you may be able to choose radiation resistance as a characteristic. Additionally, you’ll be able to add bridge officers to your staff who may be androids or holograms, or something new, and they would have special abilities appropriate for them.However, you won’t be able to look like a Tholian; you’ll have to choose a bipedal humanoid.
THE PART I UNDERSTAND: So we won't officially be able to be an android, but we use the custom character creator to make ourselves look like what we think an android should look like, and give ourselves the traits and bonuses we think an android should have, and then while playing we tell people "Hey look! I'm an android" even though technically we are a "customized alien race".

THE PART I DID NOT UNDERSTAND: When we add bridge officers who may be androids or holograms, will they "officially" be real androids and holograms, or will they also be the "make-shift" androids we create with the custom alien creator?

Also the last question didn't address the part of the question about naming our custom races. If I create a custom alien character, do I get to give that new race a name along with the personal name of that individual character? In the case of the Cryptonians (with a C!), is that something that would be recorded in the character's bio or stats -- so that when a player is inspected it would say something like "Race: Cryptonians (with a C!)" or do we just enter a name for that one character and just have to tell people what the name of our race is supposed to be?