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03-24-2012, 02:26 PM
Angelus214, I found your info helpful on my first Asteroid Mining adventure. Thank you for taking the time to post the primer.

For those wanting an idea of the mission's payoff, here was my mini-game scoring:

Score .... Reward
165 ......... 40 Dil Ore.
460 ......... 60 Dil Ore.
555 ......... 80 Dil Ore and 2x Chronometric Wave Signatures.
555 ......... 80 Dil Ore and 2x Chronometric Wave Signatures.
400 ......... 60 Dil Ore.

Total Dilithium Ore won: 320 in about 10mins.

(There were some XP and BO points too, but being VA, I didn't pay it much heed.)

Now that I know what I'm doing, I would be able to do this faster, and likely score higher too. I agree with others that there are other methods of scoring more Dil, but when I compare this to the 480 I get for one of the little "10-15min Eta Eridani Dailies" it seems pretty spot on.

The map looks great, and the "moon walking" (less this, more this) is a hoot. The mission is not for all, but different people might like this sort of game play. I say more power to them, and good on ya Cryptic for offering a new type of mission that isn't about shooting things or clicking 5 of 5 items (Yeah, ok, there are 5/5 in this, but the mini-game adds some "arcade action" value to this).

Thanks for the free Orange EV Suit. It's too bad I'm running out of storage...

Overall Score: B