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# 1 Odyssey +1 Healboat
03-24-2012, 03:10 PM
So this is what I currently fly:

Odyssey +1 Science Cruiser (+10 shields, +10 aux)

Tactical Bridge Offcer 1: FAW1. APD1
Science Bridge Officer 1: HE1
Science Bridge Officer 2: PH1, TSS2
Engineer Bridge Officer 1: EPtW1, ET2, ET3, ES3
Engineer Bridge Officer 2; EPtE1, AuxtSif1, EPtS3

Now my question is, have any other healboats found much of a difference by replacing the engineer in the uni slot with a science officer that had something along the lines of TS3?

(on a similar note, I've been playing around with console layouts and am on the fence on whether I should stick with the sci odd+1 or switch over to the eng odd+1)