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03-24-2012, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by LEONHART View Post
So this is what I currently fly:

Odyssey +1 Science Cruiser (+10 shields, +10 aux)

Tactical Bridge Offcer 1: FAW1. APD1
Science Bridge Officer 1: HE1
Science Bridge Officer 2: PH1, TSS2
Engineer Bridge Officer 1: EPtW1, ET2, ET3, ES3
Engineer Bridge Officer 2; EPtE1, AuxtSif1, EPtS3

Now my question is, have any other healboats found much of a difference by replacing the engineer in the uni slot with a science officer that had something along the lines of TS3?

(on a similar note, I've been playing around with console layouts and am on the fence on whether I should stick with the sci odd+1 or switch over to the eng odd+1)
How novel, using a cruiser, like a cruiser :p
I like it. The only thing I would do differently is this -

Com Eng - EP2W1, ET2, ET3, ES3
LtC Uni - EP2S1, EP2S2, Aux2Sif2

I find that the higher level, the better, when talking about your remote heals.

Also, remember the cooldowns on sci heals. HE takes longer than ET or Aux2Sif. Also, TSS doesn't last as long as Extends (but you can throw it around as often and it includes a small burst heal to start), so...

Edit: You could double up on HE and use TSS3, your Aux Power becomes a LOT more important. This setup would require you to drop an ET to maintain your EP2S chain. That makes the PH a burden, so drop it and throw in a Sci team for cleansing and burst shield healing. I believe that would also leave room for a TB1... thinking about it, I can see it working well on an Engineering toon (power levels).