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03-24-2012, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by teraniku
The ability to promote your Bridge Officer's to Captain and place them in Command of one of the other ships you own and then assign them missions like you do Duty Officers. Would give people motivation to keep all their ships updated instead of just one or two. Maybe be able to bring them along with you on Missions as an NPC Ship.

Along these lines , I'd like to be able to have my Engineering team be able to Retrofit my older ships to be usable at my current rank. Should be able to be done by applying the same tech as Shuttles use to always be relevantly leveled. Just need to be able to add a few console slots , and upgrade the Bridge Stations and you'd have another usable ship to mess around with.
Very good idea. They wouldn't even need to be promoted to captain. After all, we get ships as Lieutenants. And, they don't necessarily need to be retrofitted to be at our current level. They could be squishier. But, I really like this idea to give the extra bridge officers more of a role and especially to make the old ships useful. Some of us never do missions with other people, and it could be nice to have our bridge officers and older ships accompany us in lieu of other people.
Originally Posted by deadspacex64
DirectX 11 tessellation added, one main thiing that would help you with is the 'more detailed models' laments. you wouldn't have to create more detailed models, just a texture the engine can tessellate. and on the subject of have a community here, i've read the post where 'we ain't gonna make a high rez texture pack' why not seek volunteers? seriously...why didn't you ever ask the community? all you'd have to do is supply the UV maps, which is a simple batch job you could run on an old clunker machine until it finishes.
I like the idea of adding tessellation. AMD has gotten their cards up to Nvidia's in terms of tessellation performance and it can be a cheap (in terms of video card overhead) way to add a lot of detail.

Even without tessellation, though, it seems to me that it should be pretty easy to add more customization controls for character modeling -- like the ability to resize upper jaw/cheeks, the ability to resize the posterior without changing the size of the hips (a feature that is really needed), the ability to change the shape of eyes between narrow and round, and the ability to change a mouth to a mild smile rather than a grimace. I know male characters can smile. I've seen natives on Risa do it on occasion. If Orion women don't always grimace, why do all the men have to? The only trouble with general smiling is the issue that happens in the Sims where smiling characters, when the game makes them smile as an emote, tend to have mouths that are stretched too high at the corners. The current tools are nice, but a few extra adjustment options would really help. Another problem is the "turkey neck" syndrome. There doesn't seem to be any way to reduce the amount of flesh that connects the lower jaw to the neck, which causes an unsightly bulge. My main character, Mercuran, is a good example of the problem. And, please add in a smooth/youthful skin complexion for men, one that doesn't have dark beard stubble or dark-colored eyebrows even when eyebrows are turned off. It makes for unrealistic blond and red-haired characters to have all that dark stubble and dark eyebrow shading and the wrinkles around the eyes and such make the characters look old.

Here's a summary of all the appearance improvements I'd like to see.

Someone mentioned improving the Aegis set. One thing that I would like to see is the ability to craft custom equipment, where the player can assign the qualities. For instance, I have both an Aegis and a Jem'Hadar deflector and my science ship benefits from qualities that both have, but there are qualities that both have that I could live without. For instance, the Jem'Hadar deflector has a boost to both graviton and countermeasure. I don't use countermeasure on my ship. It's a graviton build, and it's pretty common for people to focus on one or the other because of limited allocation points. It would be nice to have the better shielding power of the Aegis coupled with the graviton boost of the Jem'Hadar and the crew death resistance boost. In other words, if we could custom craft equipment to suit our goals/builds it would be cool.