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03-24-2012, 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by muttkicker
Even at the smallest bust size, the bust can still be too big.

While 99% of the dudes who are playing 75% of the chicks in the game do everything they can to make their breasts obscure their faces, some of us would like to adjust our BOFFs busts to something more natural..
It's not that they're necessarily too big. They're too perky/pointy. Male characters frankly need the most improvement:

1. Smooth/youthful complexion option. This is the most needed feature. Get rid of the deep wrinkles, especially around the eye area. Remove the dark beard stubble, so we can have proper-looking light-haired people. Remove the large dark eyebrow shading so we can have proper-looking blond and light red eyebrows -- so they don't look super-imposed.

2. Change the large dark eyebrow shading to match the chosen eyebrows. Right now, there are two competing eyebrows going on for male characters, with almost every player-chosen eyebrow choice. The only ones that don't conflict much are standard and medium.

3. The ability to resize the posterior (butt) without changing the size of the hips. The only way to get fairly ample buttocks is to make the hips wide which changes a man who doesn't have a giant torso to look like he's half old woman.

4. The ability of males to have a neutral expression or mild smile, rather than a grimace (a particular problem for Orion males).

5. Let the upper jaw and cheeks be adjustable.

6. Let the eye shape be adjustable (between narrow and round). This a particular problem for Orion males.

More minor, but still important to me factors:

7. The ability to increase lip size in men without the mouth size around the lips expanding and without the lips parting. If the lip size is increased too much in men their entire mouth area starts to look African-American. That's fine for an African American look, but for other racial groups one is left with the choice between thin lips and thin lips.

8. The ability to change the size of pectoral muscles without affecting the width of the lower torso.

9. The ability to adjust the body fat level, so abdominal muscles in particular aren't so pronounced for shirtless men.

10. More revealing lower-body clothing option for Orion men. Why should only the women get to dress provocatively?

11. Beachwear as a clothing option for both sexes. This is mainly a Foundry issue, so crew on leave can look the part -- although it's a problem for people visiting Risa in the main game. Characters should be prompted to change into appropriate clothing when visiting Risa. Another foundry improvement would be the ability to put any outfit (regardless of faction) and racial appearance on an existing character -- for plots involving disguise and such.

I do have to thank the developers for giving males adequate nipples. The missing nipple syndrome that's common in gaming is a pet peeve of mine.