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Originally Posted by topekaguy1988 View Post
Yeah, but I mean how often do you see humans or vulcans serving in the Klingon Defense Force? Well, now there will be some.
Originally Posted by Dahakra View Post
If, for all intents and purposes and in all but name, you can make a Klingon (and share him with ya buds) then play him as a Fed, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having Factional separation in the first place?

- Dahakra
For me this is simultaneously cool and uncool, but I'm leaning more toward cool to let there be more freedom for players to enjoy the game the way they want to. But still, it will be odd to see what looks like a human or even Vulcan commanding a Klingon Defense Force vessel. I can totally see Klingon players, especially role-players, choosing to not group up with non-Klingon (or non-Klingon faction) races, particularly Federation races.

It makes more sense for the Federation to include a character from the other faction(s) since they are more about tolerance and acceptance. It will essentially be like Worf, a Klingon being in Starfleet while for a period of time being a social outcast, discommendated from Klingon society and then again when he was stripped of his family honor when Gowron took away all land and assets from the House of Mogh. Now, essentially any Klingon serving in Starfleet during the time of STO (when the two factions are at odds and on the brink of war) would be considered a maghwI’ (a traitor) among the Klingons of the KDF -- a petaQ worthy of death.

QotDI’ gheD tlhejbe’ wamwI’ "The hunter does not lie down with the prey."
The Klingon Way: A Warrior's Guide, p.161

This does allow players to make TOS style Klingons, augment Klingons or the QuchHa’ "the Unhappy Ones", if they are so inclined.