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03-24-2012, 06:42 PM
Cure Ground and Infected Ground have become my two most prominent examples that the Greater Internet F---wad Theory also applies to game developers.

The final boss of I.G. is razzed by players for being OP, but she's not the problem. It's the freaking tactical drones respawning left and right who make that fight effectively unwinnable. And then when you wipe, the ENTIRE ROOM resets and you have to go through the whole shield-gimmick song and dance again ... seriously, Cryptic? ONCE was too many times.

C.G. is even worse, with those turrets that require the combined firepower of the group plus a gimmick action to destroy once, and then they respawn while you're fanned out trying to protect the nodes from drones so the shield blocking the next area will go down. Yeah, THAT's going to end well.

I will not touch either of those two missions again until the respawns go the way of the dodo. Random inept players is bad enough, but when the mission mechanics themselves are rigged against you? "Free" is paying too much for that tripe.