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03-25-2012, 01:11 AM
I don't have this sort of problem in my Hegh'Ta, because she has better/higher slots. Running the MVAE the same way simply is not an option here.

It seems I might be better off reconfiguring.

With the presently 'useless' ensign Tactical slot, am I better off putting in a Torpedo and putting in a skill that relates to that or using a beam array perhaps?

The main purpose was for Elite STF's. I do okay, but it really could be better. I'm going to start updating it above in response to feedback, and hopefully someone else will find it useful when we are done.

" if your going to run the Sci Hybrid, try bumping down Transfer Shield Strength and Hazzard Emitters and putting in a Grav well or Trykens rift."

Great suggestion.