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03-25-2012, 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by Dunfalach
My understanding is the missions offered by these contacts will be in addition to the ones that normally spawn on the Duty Officer interface screen. And having gotten in and wandered around my ship a bit, that appears to be the case. The ones the regular screen offers me are still there, but visiting the contacts triggers a few more. Some of these appear to be unique to the contact, whereas others I've seen turn up on the Doff screen before. Once you've initiated one of these, it appears to turn up on the Doff screen and you can collect the completed assignment from their like normal.

So those who don't run around don't lose any missions, but those who do can gain missions.
Sadly, your assumption is incorrect. Many missions were removed from the standard Doff interface and placed only in specific locations that you have to visit. For instance, the majority of existing diplomacy/espionage/military missions were removed from the regular doff assignment display and placed in your ship interior captain's ready-room. I have also noticed that the doff turn-in mission for contraband was removed and is not available at either the standard doff display, nor the captain's ready-room either.(I haven't tracked it down yet, I presume it got moved to only being available on ESD somewhere. While that is logical for placement, it is annoying as heck, considering you used to be able to do the 2k dilithium reward contraband turn-in from sirius sector block space.)

I love that they are adding to the ship's interior and making locations like your ship interior, ESD, and DS9 a little more special as doff hubs, but that really should have been done with only *adding* doff missions to those areas and not removing them from where they used to be available from. But the devs decided to do both. Thus, I both love and hate the update.

There is a difference between adding functionality to draw players to a location, and forcing players to visit those locations just in order to access previous content.