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03-25-2012, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by prom3theus View Post
Hey man,

First, Jem shield was bugged. It regenerated due to proccing the bfi doffs and resulted in continuous shield heals. It works fine now.
Edit: go do some stfs and get maco/hg/omega set and practice the proper use of 2 eps with TSS. That will make your shield bullet proof. Even better, post your build and let us hit you with few advices. It can't hurt, can it?

Cheaters are everywhere, and you're right, no software is perfectly safe, but there is a very small number of ppl that know how to cheat and crack the game.

The kling you saw in Sirius has marauding force, a trait you get after completing so many marauding missions. I can go in Sirius any time. And I don't cheat. Same is for Feds, they can go in klink zone in same way klings go in Feds.

The mistake you do is that you make assumptions that are based on false hypothesis, thus the conclusion you draw is also false. Rather than being a pain in the butt for you and us here, find out what you do wrong first, ask ppl in forums for advices and then discuss. Do not start trashing and crying for nerfs till you have the basics fully understood. There are many ppl here willing to help, you just have to express yourself in the appropriate manner.
Well, if the Jem shield is working properly, then its it was a horrible shield to come up with. My old lvl X covarient shield works way better.

Well the guy didn't explain himself well, leaving me to be suspicious. I have been in this game a long time to tell the difference between normal and abnormal. I can tell when a team is using communication to beat their foe and when a player tanking a whole fleet byhimself. The whole point of these forums is to speak my mind. I don't come here to always say positive things. Thats why they made the forums. If eveybody didn't voice their problems then it would just flood the tickets to fix.

Obvously something is getting done, with all my complaining because fewer irregular situations are popping up in PVP, or I would be complaining more, right?