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03-25-2012, 08:17 AM
Yes, slotting either of those is pretty great. And I concur with the above posters -- your boff layout had far too much overlap with the extra tac team, and your scatters and rapid fires conflict with one another. Even your updated one, or what it looks like at the time I am reading it, has too much.

In STFs, I'd recommend slotting a torp up front and pair scattery volleys with torpedo high yield. Of course you may not like those, so you could always do rapid fires and torp spread, etc. But just picking one pairing and avoiding being blocked by your own cooldowns will definitely improve your attack strength.

Your updated Eng/Sci choices look good to me. If you find you are having hull issues, you can swap one of the EPtS with Aux2IF -- the transfer shield strength and tac teams will help keep up the shields.