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03-25-2012, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by jethro777
BO Abilities

Tactical Commander
Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Rapid Fire II, Scatter Volley III

Tactical Lt.
Tactical Team 1, Rapid Fire 1

Tactical Ensign
Beam Overload I

Engineering Lt.
Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Shields II

Science Lt. Commander
Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters II, Gravity Well I

Note : I use a keybind to auto-activate the following :
Rapid Fire 1,2, Scatter Volley 3, Attack Pattern Beta I, 3x Tactical Team
Based on this, and for STFs:
Dont use both Rapid Fire and Scatter Volley, choose one. Either are really fine for STFs, both have advantages during certain parts of them, but since they put each other on CD, best to just choose one, and keep two copies of it. Definitly dont have a total of 3 copies slotted, one is just going to be wasted.

Im personally not a fan of Dual Beam + overload, but if you want to keep it, I suggest getting BO3. BO1 just isnt worth the DPS loss of torpedos imo. Though if you get BO3, guess you could keep BO1 (nothing else to slot there), but I personally would just equip a quantum torpedo launcher and use HYT or TS. The extra beam also impacts your weapon energy, and BO drains it further, neither of which happen with torpedos...

Attack Pattern Omega I is good against borg, gets out of their tractor beams (polarize hull works too, but sci slots are better spent elsewhere).

Your sci slots are perfect for STFs.