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03-25-2012, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by jburke4 View Post
Come on folks, give away something like a special ship or something. Lets get it right next time, lets say everyone who reaches 900 days gets an Enterprise-J, Typhoon Battleship or something equally as cool then do not put the ship in the C-STORE, market or anywhere else. Make the reward worthy of spending years playing the game and lots of money supporting the product, a pet monkey doesn't fit that in my book.
One of the tentative rewards for 1,000 days is a "Free Exclusive Starship Variant." Now what that variant will be, or if the reward will remain an exclusive ship variant by the time players start reaching 1,000 days we don't know. But for now the plan is a free exclusive ship for players who will reach 1,000 days of active subscription time.

As for the Universe Class (Enterprise-J), CBS already said no.

Originally Posted by GenEricII

It would be nice, here at the end of the vet rewards table, if at 800, 900, or 1000 we finally get the dilithium equivalent of the emblems that were taken away at 600.
It was 500 days. Just because the Interim Executive Producer couldn't get it right doesn't mean players like myself are going to forget that they were promised a veteran reward if they stayed subscribed for 500 days, watched other players get it when those players got to 500 days, and got nothing when that reward was pulled before they got to 500 days.
The 500 day veteran reward no longer offers 250 emblems as a reward.