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03-25-2012, 10:38 AM
that does look interesting, have you noticed an increase in dps with that layout instead of flyinf 8 beam arrays? ill have to post mine for comparison. lol I just noticed those expendeable devices, im always too lazy to restock and never fly with them, guess I gotta break that bad habit and stock up lol
I'd say that 8 beams are the way to go, the Oddy just has too slow a turnrate to justify using that DBB or Torpedo and with the amount of BFAW around I don't think the tricobalt mine would be terribly effective either.

With that in mind I'd also use 2 Phaser Relay consoles and due to the diminishing return on Armor consoles switch at least two of those out for EPS Flow Regulators which will help a lot with the power drain of firing 8 beams, though as I understand it they only effect the power drain when BFAW is active.

Steve is right about batteries and though he isn't specced into the Batteries skill I would advise it as they double the length of effect for the battery power boost. I always keep around Weapons batteries for some extra DPS and also Aux Batteries for some high Aux heals when using AuxSIF, HE, or TSS. A shield battery can also be useful under heavy fire.