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03-25-2012, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by BROKEN1981
i remember dog fighting you in pvp in my defiant. was kinda easy and i know why now. you do know ur defence kinda sucks right? i mean i know your a tank but even with full power in engines and impulse with ageis im getting 62%. with out impulse i was in the 50's. i dont have elusive as a trait. tho i could count my win due to getting help on my build. yeah need eps console with using beam over load 3. still dont understand why......but now my dps never lacks. also the all 9 in sheild power im sure the last 3 points equal 1 extra sheild power point. least thats what im told by a fleet mate that tested it on tribble. same goes for wep power.
Unless you had a group of people with me no single defiant has ever killed me in this build. My over all armor to all is over 50% and with those buffs in the right order almost no one can get through. I am fairly certain you have me mistaken for someone else, unless you are thinking of my holo clone which would explain it.