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03-25-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
Well, if the Jem shield is working properly, then its it was a horrible shield to come up with. My old lvl X covarient shield works way better.

Well the guy didn't explain himself well, leaving me to be suspicious. I have been in this game a long time to tell the difference between normal and abnormal. I can tell when a team is using communication to beat their foe and when a player tanking a whole fleet byhimself. The whole point of these forums is to speak my mind. I don't come here to always say positive things. Thats why they made the forums. If eveybody didn't voice their problems then it would just flood the tickets to fix.

Obvously something is getting done, with all my complaining because fewer irregular situations are popping up in PVP, or I would be complaining more, right?
Ok, first, imo Jem shield is not good (at least havent tried it on a jem bug or galor as a jem set to see what benefits they bring to dominion ships - they are supposed to provide some extra). It is meant to be a pve shield that can be obtained easy, same as breen. The best sets are the ones you get from stfs. Try and compare, thats the best thing you can do.

It doesn't matter how long you've been in the game if there are things you don't know, you can still draw wrong conclusions. But, one way to find out the right thing is to ask, saying something like : "hey guys, this whatever issue doesn't seem to work properly. What do you think?", rather than complaining that whatever is wrong. Because you can be wrong more likely than 20 other ppl that are telling you otherwise. Just keep that in mind. I agree, freedom of speech and choice is important, but the way you use this right make some of us go in full defense, because there were many situations in which clueless pve-ers (and I am not saying you are one of them) start whining and crying for nerfs when in fact they do not know what they are talking about and they do not have a full understanding of the game basics.

Regarding to your last statement, I think you had been lucky recently to get in pvp with a less efficient team. Remember, there are people here in this forum (the "elites") that tweak everything to the extreme (and I am not one of them btw), but when those people build a team, they will always defeat any pug, even a good one. Don't feel bad when you loose to them, just ask them in a civilized manner what they did to be so efficient. Most of them will give you advices. Also, what makes those people great in pvp is not only the build, but the experience and skill they gained in rolling thousands hours fighting eachother. Truth is that in order to become a really good pvp-er, you need to understand the untold secrets, secrets that you won't find in any book, or webpage other than constantly reading the forum and ask questions. And play. And again play. And try different configurations. I think that this is the part of any MMO secrecy, they are worse than the knights Templar, lol. Seriously, post your build using this link

save it and share the link to us. If your build sucks, so what? If it is good, be sure you'll be told that. Use:

for science advice:
for escort advice:
for cruiser advice:

I guarantee you this will only help. If you really like this game and want to become better, read all those threads (even if you don't use all those ships) and ask for advices/opinions. Don't be afraid somebody will criticize you, in fact at the end nobody can make you change anything at all, and you only have to gain from some great advices. Really, think about it.